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ColinLand Xpress- It's like there's a party in your computer, and you're invited!
UPDATE: The rings are being mailed to me as we speak. Hopefully, Alex Chiu will be prompt with the rings.

I want to give a big shout out to misterpants (www.misterpants.com) for helpin' me out with a little bit of well placed promotional material for ColinLand express on his site. It pushed the banner clicks over 80. Thanks mrp!

If I can get about 260 more clicks, I will be able to get neobdynium rings, which are super powerful for immortality. I have a feeling that the rings are a piece of crap, so I might have to get the better ones. If they are good, I am going to order one for each member of Team Foodus (ColinLand inside joke). So even though the rings have been ordered, there is still much to do in the world of ColinLand and Immortality.

I'm thinking about a new slogan for ColinLand Xpress: Immortality or Bust. What do you think? E-mail ColinLand or speak out on the message board!

Unfortunately, the main ColinLand website of "member.xoom.com/colinland/" seems to be shut down at the moment (that explains why no one has visited for the last year or so). So, to get your "ColinLand fix", a temporary website has been opened at freewebspace.com. Remember, the most important thing to do is to click on Alex Chiu's banner below!!
Above: Remember Me?

Recent Updates

May 20th, 2002: WHERE ARE MY RINGS?? Alex Chiu has neglected to pay attention to me, and I have not received my rings after three months of patient waiting. I am beginning to doubt the truthfullness of Mr. Chiu's offer.

Mar. 15th, 2002: Don't worry, ColinLand isn't forgetting about its loyal fans. Goto the What's New Page for an excellent picture. And why is no-one postin' on the message board?? It's a ColnLand exclusive!!
Dec. 15th, 2001: ColinLand Xpress has added a bulletin board system to the site. Go here to access it.

Dec. 14th, 2001: Welcome back ColinLand fans! I have 19 unique referrals (for my immortality rings), which means only 61 more to go!! Thanks for everyone who helped out!

Dec. 13th, 2001: ColinLand Xpress opens to the public. Please scroll down to learn more about ColinLand's venture into immortality.
Back on Track
Now, although this site is likely to get a lot of new visiters, the long time veterans to ColinLand might feel "jaded" by the new look.

"Where are the games?"

"I want the old ColinLand back!!"

"What's up with all this eternal life talk?"

Rest assured, ColinLand will be back on track, as soon as there is a suitable place to install the main site again. But for now, ColinLand and friends are working on a new project, the project of IMMORTALITY!!

Immortality and You
Here is the deal. To receive more rings of immortality (to find out more, goto www.alexchiu.com) ColinLand needs hits on the link below, each from a different computer. So please, hit that link , and immortality will soon be reality. Please, click on the banner!

Above: Immortality!!
Please click on banner!!! If you only do one thing while at ColinLand, click above!! (Remember, only once per computer!!)

Send an email (colinland@hotmail.com)

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